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Month: March 2012

  • Customs Attorney: Customs Entry Part II

    Immediate Delivery Entry, is procedurally the preferred means of making entry; it permits the goods to be released based upon the filing of partial papers and without paying customs duties.  The completed papers and Customs duties are then filed with the "Entry Summary" (CF 7501) within 10 days after release of the shipment.  The immediate delivery entry allows for a quicker release and the importer the opportunity to maintain better cash flow. Live entry requires all documents and duties to be paid prior to processing of an entry and release[...]

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  • Customs Attorney: Customs Entry Part I

    Importers are under the belief that when goods arrive at the port the importation process is over.  However, the arrival of goods at the port technically marks the beginning of entry process.  Documentation must be presented to Customs in order to facilitate the goods entry into the United States.  Documentation prepared for Customs is different depending on whether the goods are shipped by air, sea, or ground.  The length of the voyage to the United States can be lengthy, as such, information and/or documentation is provided to Customs prior to the arrival of goods[...]

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  • Customs Attorney: U.S. Customs Decisions

    There are various alternatives for acquiring decisions from Customs in regards to any issues that may arise.  Importers can face questions arising out of Classification, Origin, Marking, or other rules and regulations. The types of opinions available depend on the stage of the importation process. Before Importation:  Opinions from U.S. Customs that are obtained before importation are known as rulings.  Rulings are an important for importers because they are binding upon all Customs ports for that particular product.  Therefore, when asking for a ruling be sure that you are willing[...]

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